May 25


RADCUBE and CROSS Press Release

The Ministry of National Development, the Hungarian Space Office, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Energy Research and C3S LLC. presented the details of the CROSS satellite system and the RADCUBE mission in a mutual press conference on the 19th of May 2016 in the hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The CROSS system (Cosmic Radiation Observatory Satellite System) designed by Hungarian researchers allows the participants of national and international space activities to ensure the safety of instruments and personnel sent into space far more accurately and effectively than ever. It allows academic researchers a more thorough examination of the Earth’s radiation environment and its behaviour.

The cornerstone of the system is the RADCUBE mission, the demonstration flight of the CROSS system’s first satellite. The program will be implemented under the aegis of the European Space Agency (ESA); the launch of the satellite is planned for the end of 2018. This unmatched national development proves that Hungarian innovation is amongst the world’s leaders even in the field of space activities.


The representatives of the domestic media reacted fast to the press conference and many websites published articles of the announcement:


Website of the Hungarian Government: Egyedülálló hazai fejlesztés forradalmasíthatja a nemzetközi űripart

Website of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Magyar műholdrendszerrel védekezhet a világ az űrviharok ellen

Website of the National Press Service: Budapest, 2016. május 19., csütörtök (OS) – Egyedülálló hazai fejlesztés forradalmasíthatja a nemzetközi űripart


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