The C3S Electronics Development LLC has been created on the basis of the staff’s engineering and project management experience gained in previous European Union sponsored research and development projects and in the Masat–1, the first Hungarian satellite project. As a first in Hungary the company’s portfolio includes, in addition to complete software and hardware embedded solutions and other electronic system-solutions, small satellite components, applications, and planning of complete missions. Based on our experience thus far we offer design and implementation of complete small satellite missions, satellite on-board systems (including for large satellites), protocols, and numerous ground segment elements from design through manufacturing and through the whole testing process. They are also active in embedded systems in other industrial segments, especially power supply, control and monitoring system solutions for industrial manufacturing units..

Achievements in the field of space activities

The first independent achievement of the company in space activities are the three small satellite technologies developed in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA): 3/6U CubeSat structure, on-board computer and TeleCommand & TeleMetry (TCTM) communication system. These devices surpass the currently available commercial solutions in reliability, energy efficiency, and thermal properties. Their extraordinary advantage lies in fast and effective integration, and due to redundancy longer in-orbit lifetime can be achieved. As a continuation other systems necessary for a complete satellite platform will be developed, thus in the near future a complete platform will be available from a single manufacturer.

The goal of their second ESA project was the feasibility study of an Intelligent Payload Controller (IPC), which has also been successfully concluded. This work may be continued later as a product development.

They joined the PLATO 2.0 mission in July 2015. through the German OHB and DLR. The responsibility of C3S in this ESA financed project is to provide power distribution units and synchronization signals to the 34 cameras of the main payload.