A Hungarian domestic development can form the world’s first complete and comprehensive image of the radiation environment surrounding the Earth. The CROSS network (Cosmic Radiation Observatory Satellite System) designed by Hungarian researchers allows the participants of national and international space activities to ensure the safety of instruments and personnel sent into space far more accurately and effectively than ever. It allows academic researchers a more thorough examination of the Earth’s radiation environment and its behaviour.

The main goal of the joint project of C3S LLC. and Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Energy Research is a space weather monitoring satellite system which provides weather forecast service for companies and organisations operating in e.g. telecommunication, energy transfer systems, or spacecraft.

The cornerstone of the system is the RADCUBE mission, the demonstration flight of the CROSS network’s first satellite. The program will be implemented under the aegis of the European Space Agency (ESA); the launch of the satellite is planned for the end of 2018. This unmatched national development proves that Hungarian innovation is amongst the world’s leaders even in the field of space activities.

CROSS is an acronym for Cosmic Radiation Observatory Satellite System.


Radiation Damage Assessment and Space Weather Forecast.


Demonstration Mission of RadMag Instrument.

CROSS network

Hungarian Space Weather and Radiation Forecasting Satellite Network.

Creators of RadMag and RADCUBE


Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Possessing scientific and technological know-how, the Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA EK) is able to provide answers and offer solutions to the measurements of cosmic rays and space weather investigations as well as to industrial needs. The research group and its predecessors – one of the very first groups performing space research activities in Hungary – have more than four decades of heritage in developing and manufacturing flight hardware.


C3S Electronics Development LLC.
The C3S Electronics Development LLC has been created on the basis of the staff’s engineering and project management experience gained in previous European Union sponsored research and development projects and in the Masat–1, the first Hungarian satellite project. As a first in Hungary the company’s portfolio includes, in addition to complete software and hardware embedded solutions and other electronic system-solutions, small satellite components, applications, and planning of complete missions.

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